Whistle-Blowing  Policy

Discover how our whistle-blowing policy upholds transparency and accountability


We at AEON Insurance Brokers (the “Company”) uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings and we are committed to foster a business environment free from any corrupted practices or other improper conducts which are contrary to our policies, principles and ethics.

We also recognize the constant risks which may expose our Company to improper conducts and we depend on the voluntary disclosures of our employees, partners and the public to raise any concerns which are against our high ethical standards.

As part of the commitment, the Company has in place a robust, transparent, accountable and independent reporting channel for all our employees, business partners, stakeholders and the public (“Whistle-blower”) to make disclosures on any improper conduct committed or about to be committed within the Company.

Scope of Reporting

Any irregularity and improper conducts shall include but is not limited to the following:-

i. Failure to comply with legal or regulatory obligations;
ii. Corruption, bribery, fraud, theft or embezzlement;
iii. Money laundering; 
iv. Insider trading; 
v. Abuse of power by any director or officer of the Company;
vi. Conflict of interest;
vii. Misuse of Company’s fund or property;
viii. Misuse of Company’s information;
ix. Breach of policies and/or procedure; and
x. Actions which can cause physical danger / harm to the Company and customer.

Disclosure Reporting Channel

Disclosures can be made via any of the following channels:


Head of Risk Management
AEON Insurance Brokers (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Level 3A, UOA Corporate Tower,
Avenue 10, The Vertical,
Bangsar South City,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,

The Whistle-blower shall include the following information in the disclosure to facilitate investigations:-

i. When : Date and time;
ii. Where : Location and address;
iii. Who : Individuals involved/witnesses;
iv. What : Description of transaction;
v. Why : Reasons leading to the transaction; and
vi. How : Mode of transaction.

Protection to Whistle-blower

We are committed to provide the Whistle-blower with protections as laid out under applicable laws. The following protections will be accorded to the Whistle-blower who made a disclosure in good faith:

i. The Whistle-blower shall be protected from reprisal within the Company as a direct consequence of his/her disclosure;
ii. The Whistle-blower shall have immunity from civil and criminal action;
iii. The Whistle-blower shall have protection from detrimental action; and
iv. The Whistle-blower’s identity shall be protected and kept confidential.

Acting in Good Faith

We expect all parties to act in good faith and have reasonable grounds when reporting any complaint via the Whistleblowing complaint. If allegations are proven to be malicious, parties responsible may be subject to appropriate action, up to and including legal action, where applicable.

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