Privacy Notice

AEON Insurance Brokers (M) Sdn. Bhd.
(formerly known as Insurepro Sdn. Bhd.)

(Effective date: 19 June 2023)
(Last reviewed: 19 June 2023)


1. Introduction

We, AEON Insurance Brokers (M) Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Insurepro Sdn. Bhd.) [Registration No. 198201005186 (84938-X)] (“AIBM”, “we”, “our” or “us”) value and respect the privacy of all individuals dealing with us and strive to protect the Personal Data (as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”)) that has been provided to us in compliance with the laws of Malaysia.

This Privacy Notice is issued pursuant to the PDPA. This Privacy Notice enables you to understand the following:-

(a) what type of Personal Data we collect;

(b) how do we collect your Personal Data;

(c) how do we use your Personal Data;

(d) who are the parties that we disclose your Personal Data to;

(e) how do we protect your Personal Data;

(f) do we transfer your Personal Data outside Malaysia;

(g) how long do we keep your Personal Data;

(h) what are the consequences of not providing your Personal Data; and

(i) what are the rights you have over the Personal Data

We will collect, process, use, disclose and retain your Personal Data in accordance with the relevant data protection laws (including PDPA), this Privacy Notice and the privacy terms in your agreement(s) with us (if any).

2. What Type of Personal Data We Collect?

The types of Personal Data which we collect include but are not limited to:-


(a) Non-Sensitive Personal Data

(i) name and age;

(ii) home/mailing address;

(iii) NRIC/passport number;

(iv) contact information, telephone number, email address;

(v) biodata/personal profile;

(vi) photograph or video image of an individual;

(vii) employment information;

(viii) financial information;

(ix) investment and risk preferences in respect of investment type products;

(x) vehicle registration numbers;

(xi) personal data of family members/next-of-kin;

(xii) personal data of the beneficiaries, trustees, assignees or nominees relevant to the processing of insurance/takaful claims,

the provision of the insurance/takaful and related products and services;

(xiii) web browsing information such as your computer’s IP address, browsing activities, information collected by cookies, web

beacons and other technologies (if you do not wish to enable cookies, you may change the settings on your browser); and

(xiv) such other Personal Data relevant to the products and/or services provided by us and/or our business partners


(b) Sensitive Personal Data

(i) thumbprint or DNA profile;

(ii) physical and/or mental health condition;

(iii) religious belief;

(iv) commission or alleged commission of any offence or contravention of law; and

(v) expression of opinion

The information serves to establish your identity, background, financial standing and credit worthiness as well as suitability of the products and/or services provided by us and/or our business partners and to enable us and/or our partners to provide you with such products and/or services. There will be instances where we will process the Personal Data of the children under eighteen (18) years old, for example where the Personal Data of children under eighteen (18) years old is required for the application, purchase or use of the products and/or services provided by us and/or our business partners. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, we will obtain the consent from your parent, guardian or person who has parental responsibility on you.


3. How Do We Collect Your Personal Data?

We may obtain the Personal Data from yourself and/or a variety of sources, including but not limited to:-

(a) through your relationship with us, for example information provided by you in application forms when applying for or using the products and/or services provided by us and/or our business partners, when taking part in our customer surveys, competitions and promotions, and/or during financial reviews by us;

(b) through your verbal and/or written communications with us, our staff and/or our authorised agents;

(c) through your access or use of our website(s) or the online services provided therein;

(d) through references from business partners and third party i.e. where you have been referred by them;

(e) from an analysis of the way you use and manage your account(s) or the product(s)/services that you obtain from us or our business partners and from the transactions you make;

(f) from any third party such as employers, credit reference information providers, government/statutory agencies; and/or

(g) from such other sources in respect of which you have given your consent to disclose information relating to you and/or where not otherwise restricted


4. How Do We Use Your Personal Data?

We use your Personal Data for the following purposes:-

(a) to process your application for the products and/or services provided by us and/or our business partners;

(b) to notify you about important changes/developments to the features of the product and/or service;

(c) to assess/verify your credit worthiness;

(d) to communicate with you including responding to your enquiries and/or complaints and resolving disputes;

(e) for strategic alliances, cross selling, marketing, and promotions by other units/departments/entities within AIBM and its related companies as defined in Section 7 of the Companies Act 2016 (hereinafter collectively referred to as “AEON Group”) and third

parties such as our business/strategic partners (where you have consented to this);

(f) to comply with regulatory requirements and provide assistance to law enforcement agencies;

(g) to research and develop products and/or services;

(h) to administer and/or manage products and services provided to you including collecting debts and enforcement of our rights and obligations;

(i) to improve and develop our services and quality assurance to you;

(j) to prevent, detect or prosecute cases of fraud/crime and comply with legal and regulatory obligations;

(k) to maintain your credit history for present and future reference (if deemed necessary);

(l) to protect our interests and other related purposes;

(m) to complete our transactions with you and to operate and maintain our business with you; and

(n) to use your Personal Data for any other purpose that is required or permitted by any laws, regulations, guidelines and/or regulatory authorities

5. Who Are The Parties That We Disclose Your Personal Data To? 

While we treat your Personal Data as private and confidential, the Personal Data may be disclosed, disseminated and/or transferred to the following third parties:-

(a) entities within AEON Group in and outside Malaysia and our business/strategic partners, for the purposes of providing you with latest marketing and promotional offers which may be of interest to you (where you have consented to this);

(b) licensees, business partners, insurance company, takaful operators, re-insurance company, re-takaful operators, insurance broking company, takaful broking company in respect of the products and/or services applied for or requested by you;

(c) professional advisors including consultants, lawyers, accountants, auditors, bankers, rating agencies, trustees, auctioneers and brokers on a need to know basis for the purposes of providing their services/advices to us;

(d) credit bureaus, CTOS, debt-collection agencies and/or other parties who assist with debt recovery functions;

(e) agent, service providers or contractors appointed by us to act on our behalf;

(f) regulatory, government bodies or other authorities if required or authorised to do so to discharge any regulatory function under any law or in relation to any order or judgment of a court;

(g) any relevant institution/party to facilitate your request/dealings in respect of the products and/or services obtained from us and/or our business partners;

(h) any parties authorised by you; and

(i) any person or corporation to whom we may transfer or propose to transfer any part of our interests, obligations, business and/or operations, 

subject at all times to any laws (including regulations, guidelines and/or obligations) applicable to us and further subject to your rights as stated in this Privacy Notice 

You may inform us at any time if you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us, individual entities within the AEON Group and/or our business/strategic partners by notifying us through the channels stated in Clause 14 of this Privacy Notice


6. How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

The security and privacy of your Personal Data is our priority. We keep, protect and process your Personal Data in a secure manner by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards, in compliance with PDPA and other applicable laws and regulations.

We ensure that access of our employees to the Personal Data which you have provided is limited to authorised employees who are trained in handling your Personal Data. These authorised employees are required to ensure the confidentiality of your Personal Data and to respect your privacy at all times.

7. Do We Transfer Your Personal Data Outside Malaysia?

We may transfer your Personal Data to places outside Malaysia when carrying out any of the purposes stated herein.

8. How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data?

We will retain your Personal Data in compliance with this Privacy Notice and/or the terms and conditions of your agreement(s) with us for the duration of your relationship with us, or for such period as may be necessary to protect our and/or your interests as may be deemed necessary, or where otherwise required by the law and based on our relevant policies. Once it is no longer required, your Personal Data will be destroyed or permanently deleted.

9. What Are The Consequences Of Not Providing Your Personal Data?

In order to process your application for the products and/or services provided by us and/or our business partner, you are required to provide Personal Data which is deemed necessary as indicated in application or service request form. Should you decline to provide such obligatory Personal Data, we may not be able to process your application/request or provide you with such products or services.

10.  What Are The Rights You Have Over The Personal Data?

(a) Rights To Access And Correct/Update Your Personal Data

Keeping your Personal Data accurate and updated is very important to us. You are responsible to ensure that the Personal Data which you provide to us is accurate, complete, not misleading and up-to-date.

You have the rights to request:-

(i) access to your Personal Data which are in our possession subject to payment of a prescribed fee (if any); and

(ii) correction/update of your Personal Data, if you have reason(s) to believe that your records with us are inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not updated,

by contacting us through the channels stated in Clause 14 of this Privacy Notice.

We will use reasonable efforts to comply with your request to access or correct/update your Personal Data not later than twenty-one (21) days from the date of receipt of your request, subject to due verification with you. Please note that we may have to withhold access to your Personal Data or refuse correction of your Personal Data in certain situations, for example:-

(A) when we are unable to verify your identity;

(B) where we are not provided with sufficient information to locate the Personal Data to which your request to access relates;

(C) where we are not provided with sufficient information which we may reasonably require to determine how your Personal Data is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up-to-date; or

(D) information requested for is of a confidential commercial nature.

Nevertheless, we will notify you of the reasons for not being able to accede to your request.

Please also note that we may use our discretion in allowing the correction requested and/or require further documentary evidence of the new information from you to avoid fraud and inaccuracy


(b) Right To Withdraw Consent To Process Your Personal Data And Right To Request Us To Cease Or Not To Begin The Processing of Your Personal Data 

Subject to Clause 9 above and our contractual rights and obligations under relevant

laws and regulations, you have the rights to:-

(i) withdraw your consent for us to process your Personal Data;

(ii) request us to cease or not to begin the processing of your Personal Data which

is likely to cause substantial and unwarranted damage or distress to you or another person;

(iii) request us to cease or not to begin the processing of your Personal Data for purposes of direct marketing; or

(iv) exercise your choice in respect of the disclosure, retention and use of your Personal Data

Should you wish to do so, kindly contact us through any of the channels stated in Clause 14 of this Privacy Notice. Please however note that a withdrawal of consent or request to cease or not to begin the processing of your Personal Data may result in us not being able to process your application/request or provide you with the products or services provided by us and/or our business partners.


11. Personal Data of Third Parties

If you provide the Personal Data relating to third parties to us, you represent and warrant that:-

(a) you have obtained their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide such Personal Data to us and for us to use it in accordance with this Privacy Notice; and

(b) the Personal Data of the said third parties are accurate and you undertake to update us in writing in the event of any material change to such Personal Data


12. Amendment or Revision to Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to amend or revise this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any updated version of this Privacy Notice is available on and you may visit this website to get the latest information on the Privacy Notice periodically


13. Language

In accordance with the requirement of the PDPA, this Privacy Notice is issued in English and Bahasa Malaysia. In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English version and Bahasa Malaysia version of this Privacy Notice, the English version of this Privacy Notice shall prevail.

14. Our Contact Details 

Should you wish to submit your inquiry or complaint regarding the processing of your Personal Data, provide any feedback on this Privacy Notice, request access to your Personal Data, correct your Personal Data, withdraw your consent, request us to cease or not to begin the processing of your Personal Data or restrict the purposes and methods in which we process your Personal Data, you may write to and/or contact us at the following address, telephone no. and/or e-mail address:-

Attention: Legal & Compliance 
(formerly known as Insurepro Sdn. Bhd.)
Level 3A, UOA Corporate Tower
Avenue 10, The Vertical, Bangsar South City
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel no.: 03-27729688
Email Address:

Last updated: 14 December 2023 

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